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LASER – Face & Body 

a focused ultrasound designed for both body and face treatments is an innovative and versatile device

FACE – The SohnNext ™ is an effective solution for the area of cleavage, neck and  jaw line. double chin and signs of aging that is problematic for many woman. The treatment is suitable for anyone and any age.

BODY – The SohnNext Ultraschallgerät bietet die perfekte Behandlung zur Reduzierung des Umfangs, zur Auflösung von Cellulite und zur Straffung der Haut.

The difference between SonNext device and laser or radio waves (RF) is its ability to penetrate much deeper- 5.5mm compared to 2mm for a RF device-. This is the exact depth reached by plastic surgeons in facelift surgery.

  • The heat penetrates into the skin and creates skin’s shrinkage, strengthening and producing new
  • The SonNext device enables penetration at various depths according to location and need
  • Enable to target a specific layer without damaging the surface of the skin.

Treatments using SonNext technology


Jaw, Double chin & Neck

Reduzierung von Fett und Cellulite

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