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About Individuel Geneve

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Tailor Made Treatments & Personalized Cosmetics

Individuel Genève presents tailor made treatments and personalized cosmetics for all skin types and conditions.
We belive that the only thing we all have in common is the fact that each one of us is unique.
The same goes for our beauty.
We know that if we want to bring out our client’s Individual beauty, we need to get up close and personal: get to know her skin, her habits and her needs. Only then can we match those with the right products and create a tailormade treatment plan.

Individuel Needs

One of our experts will get to know you & your individual needsearn Your skin using computerized imaging, your skincare habits and your expectations.

Individuel Care

Skincare products that match your individual needs will be handpicked for you. You can try them out and assemble your tailormade skincare package together with our expert.

Individuel Treatment

Customized beauty plan, including special treatments for immediate results, will be made with you to maximize your skin potential.

The only thing we all have in common
is the fact that each one of us is

Meet the Experts

Valerie, 42

Therapist, Specializes in body treatments using ultrasound technology – SonNext

Melanie, 38

Store manager, esthetician and beauty consultant

Marie, 37

Therapist and Beauty Consultant

Rebecca, 42

Therapist, Specializes in facial and body treatments, skin problem diagnosis and beauty consultant

Ophelie, 31

Therapist, Specializes in microneedling treatments and skin problem diagnosis


Head of training and treatment systems

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