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Franchise Opportunities

Are You Ready to Join the Tailor Made Beauty Revolution?

Individuel Geneve is a fastest growing success story in the beauty industry and we are looking for the right partners to join our success story

our brand

Individuel Geneve is an International  brand, leading the personalization revolution of the dermo-beauty industry. Being in the cutting-edge of the global revolution is the reason for our exponential growth around the world.

Novelty beauty

The cosmetic world and beauty industry are undergoing a tectonic shift and we are at the center of it – Individuelly beautiful.
It's the understanding that real results cannot come from “one product fits all”.

The revolution of beauty

We have the best technologies. Individuel Geneve presents the latest skin care technologies - A variety of aesthetic treatments using state of the art innovative equipment, Such as M.I.T Technology & Ultrasound.

Your Opportunity to Join Our Success

We offer:

1. The ability to sell our unique technologies and products in your business.
2. Full access to our “secret sauce” of techno-treatment practice.
3. Supply of our technology products and accessories.
4. Comprehensive training for the technologies and products
5. Practical field sales training ,customer profiling, and lead generation
6. Fully certified training in all product applications
7. Ongoing marketing and promotional support
8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) training
9. A comprehensive operations manual

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