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2 options:

You can either visit one of our points of sale, where one of our individual experts will be conducting a skin analysis


Click on the link for self-diagnosis to choose the right individual packages

  1. Choose one of the packages offered according to the problem and solution for your skin
  2. Choose one Of the 4 subscription tracks.
  3. Click on the desired track, enter it to shopping cart and make the purchase
  4. the package will be sent to your home.

Inside you will find the capsules plan.

Click here

In addition – after completing this form for two years warranty, you will automatically receive a third-year warranty as benefit.

Definitely! Individuel capsules are completely sterile and under the strictest conditions. We put our customer’s safety a first priority and therefore investing our maximum effort and attention on this issue.

As for the device and the Technology head: One of the advantages of the Individuel Pro device – is that since the device – and the Technology heads are completely separate from each other (and from the capsule), there is no problem that more than one person will use them both.

NO. Once its opened it is for personal use only.A capsule is for a single use only.

Definitely possible to use this device together and separately with other devices and care products

If it’s possible for you to reach the point of purchase, you will receive an exchange device.If not,Please contact our customer service via contact form or by email [email protected]