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Miracle Eye Cream


Elastin keeps the skin smooth, supple and elastic; Collagen helps moisturize the skin by reducing water loss; Peptides provide the skin its plumpness and suppleness, and Hyaluronic acid, holds in the moisture and protects the skin from harmful radicals.

Ginseng Root Extract, also known as the “beauty miracle”, revitalizes balances and hydrates the skin.

The cream is fortified with rejuvenating Dead Sea water, soothing green tea leaf extract, vitamin E, and refreshing and energizing ginger to maintain high level of skin hygiene.


Following a thorough cleansing, apply the cream to dry clean skin under the eyes.

Make sure no moisturizer, makeup or any other oily residues are left.

Apply a dime-sized amount to your fingertips, gently warm the cream between your ring finger and thumb, and pat over the under-eye area, where puffiness and wrinkles appear.

Do not rub or massage the skin and make sure to avoid any contact with the eyes.

Keep your face expressionless for 4-8 minutes. You might feel a tightening sensation which is normal.

Do not rinse. If needed, follow with a powder makeup. Do not apply any liquid makeup as it eliminates the effect of the cream.


25ml (0.87oz)

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