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Signs of Aging

Series of treatments 
Technology: SonNext & Individuel Pro

In this day and age, with life expectancy on the rise, we all want to look better and younger. Technology is meeting this challenge willingly. While there is no device that can roll back the years, treatments that make us look younger are already here, and we at Individuel offer many non-invasive techniques for this purpose.

This complex process of slowing down changes to the body and to the skin, while improving their look and their health, is a long term process, and treatment plans must be completed to attain the desired results and maintain them going forwards.

We at individuel offer a bank of non-invasive treatment options: facial and body treatments that improve the look and health of the body and skin. Our line of products and technologies is non-invasive, painfree, and has no significant side effects, while allowing the body to change and get better in the most natural way. The SonNext device, an innovative treatment designed to tighten the skin and improve its tone, is based on a unique technology utilizing ultrasound waves to heat the layers under the skin. This leads to strengthening of existing collagen fibers and promoting creation of new collagen and elastin fibers, as well as increased blood flow and metabolic rate.

In action

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The results:

Tighter, smoother, firmer skin that looks glowing and vital. Skin firming is a complex procedure, comprising an initial series of 6-10 treatments that will rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkling and improve skin tone. It is advised to receive maintenance treatments once a month to maintain and improve the results attained. We specialize in devising a treatment plan for anti-aging purposes. We offer a wide variety of options using one or more different technologies. After undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the state of your skin, including spots, wrinkles, texture, etc., we can offer you a tailored treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

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